Thursday, November 7, 2013

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hello lovely friendlikins!

how are you this fine + dandy day? hope your'e well + staying cool in the sunshiney skies! do you like a gander in kikki.k. and feel like your'e actually a kid again in the lolly aisle? does stationery make you excited about getting organised? wow, me too, we must be twins! fancy that : P i must confide that stationery has tickled my fancy for quite some time now - since primary school, possibly earlier that! did you used to collect those tiny little shaped erasers? the ones you would get from the little korean + japanese stores! you know the ones, yeah? oh stationery... fun for all ages! i think my LOVE for stationery is born of my LOVE for colours + LOVE for making lists.

how pretty are the objects of lovely stationery goodness above?! these have been catching my eye for some time now, and i thought i would share them with my other lovelies - YOU! : )

1. {coloured pencils} - these pretties have fun summer time adventures written on them, like road trips + drive-in movies!

2. {flower carved pencil} - someone really clever made this floral beauty. can't you just imagine seeing that lovely rose in your pencil holder?

3. {coloured tacks} - the cuties are a diy - crafternoon anyone?!

4. {paint roller sticky notes} - how AWESOME is this?!? i like it very much. yes i do! how about you?

5. {pink cord} - no more yucky grey cords taking over your life. with this bad boy, you want it running all over the floor! no need for wireless when you have this pretty!

6. {deer wax stamp seal} - WOW... i think if everyone had one of these, email would be a thing of the past! i would be writing letters all over the shop!

7. {365 notebook} - the infamous kikki k. notebook - an oldy but a goody! so many options! have you worked on a 365 project? do share, that would be dandy : )

i hope your'e feeling inspired to do some CHRISTmas shopping, to get excited about making someone's day with these pretties! or maybe your'e keen beans to get organised for the end of year crazies or be SUPER prepared for the new year?!

when was the last time you wrote a letter? i think i'll go write one now : )

love love

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