Saturday, May 25, 2013

{52 things before 25}

{the word}

hello lovely friendlikins!

HAPPY WEEKEND! how are we all? hope your'e fine n dandy! long time no see. my bad. this would be due to a lack of health/lack of motivation/lack of internet. as you can see i've been feeling a tad meh. do you get a bit meh sometimes? i sure do when i let my anxiety or lack of health become too much or when i let little things upset me. generally i'm doing a whole lot better health wise but really struggling with motivation. how do you get motivated? i've been praying for strength + that i would be working hard for Jesus - that i would be finding my purpose + meaning in Him. i've also been reading some helpful bible passages, to get a better perspective. 

i'm working on trying to achieve one main goal each day; whether it's one of my {52 things before 25} goals or something else that really needs to get done. i'm also working on achieving little goals through out the day like going for a walk, calling someone + doing some housework. it's been tricky trying to start my own business with no experience + feeling meh. but i know that if i bring things to my AWESOME God in prayer + trust that with His strength i can move mountains! 

as part of my {52 things before 25} goals i'm working on reading the bible in a year, memorising passages + a chapter, and committing to reading + praying more - as i've been struggling for a while to do so. would you like to join me? would be lovely if you do : )

love love

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