Sunday, April 22, 2012

All the colours

i LOVE all the colours :  ) so cheerful and fun!
i can relate with not wearing so much black, it makes me sad.
do you find that colours affect you?

i'm kinda wondering whether i'll turn into her... i really hope i don't do the whole eyelash thing tho... eek
hope you've had a fine and dandy wkend. what wonderful adventures have you been on? anything been catching your eye?

saturday i did some more work on making the wedding invitations. made some paper cranes for wedding decor. had josie over for girly catch ups which was tre lovely! went to polly's pink 21st in a huge victorian house - BEAUTIFUL and wonderful catch ups with all the lovely peeps.

sunday aka today was filled with checking out the hall and garden for the reception. getting my haircut - FINALLY. and supermarket shopping so i can actually eat.

i was asked last night whether i was on a diet for the wedding. i'm not. but if i did name it, it would be called the "i can't afford to buy food, so i eat what there is diet" fun times...

love love
liz xo

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