Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTmas...

I’m feeling a bit meh today... I put it down to not having very good quiet times, I’ve been quite slack with reading the bible and praying, and also  I haven’t been blogging, which makes me sad...

So, what has been happening in the life that is Liz? Hmmm... well I have been making more broaches and I’m nearly finished cross stitching an iphone cover – oh so perty : ).

I thought the back was just as perty (I LOVE abstract)

I have been listening to these songs on repeat : ) oh yeh! The first is a new band that I have stumbled across on my internet adventures – they are Sleeping at Last, with the song Next to Me.

And then there is the oldie but a goodie, and REALLY want to see these guys live – that is Mumford and Sons, with The Cave and we can't forget Awake my Soul. When I have the moolahs I will go see them and jig til my hearts content!
Just an update, I am now currently all up to date with reading Meet me at Mikes : ), and have found a lovely new blog (new to me anyway) of a funky vintage lady from thee states named Elsie with her blog ‘a beautiful mess’.
For those who don’t know, the reason for all my creating other than the fact that I love to craft, is that I’m actually in the throws of starting up my own online business on Etsy! It’s very exciting but also quite nerve wracking, as I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing – i’m kinda just winging it! But God has been soo good, as he has given me the confidence to do it, despite my lack of expertise in business and what not! I love that I get to be like my creator God making beautiful things : ). 

Party time
So the other day I had a big shopping trip to get things I need for the business – like boxes, masking tape, paper and a shredder for packaging, and an ink pad to make the wrapping more fun! I got most of my stuff from Reverse Garbage, as I want to keep the business pretty eco friendly. I’ve also been working on a banner for the store – it’s coming along alright, but I just have soo many more things to do! And I want to get it all set up before CHRISTmas! But my birthday is tomorrow and I have weddings to go to and bake for and CHRISTmas presents to buy! Ahhhh.... DEEP BREATHE....
Hopefully in the next week I’ll be able to share more about the business, oh right yes, the name it’s... bah bah bah... milk and sugar story : D I thought it was kinda cute. What do you think? Anyways so I hope to be able to share some linkage real soon! (that is some magical portals to my Etsy store and FB and twitter pages and what not, yay!)
Oh and since it is my b’day tomorrow and CHRISTmas just around the corner I thought that I would share with you the list that I made for my family and then a wish list I shall share tomorrow! YAY for lists : ).

1. frankie mag subscription - I've been meaning to get one for a long time!

2. Hillsong CD - worship songs from Koorong 

3.The Phoenix Files by (a friend) Chris Morphew - also something I've been meaning to get! (they are aimed at I think... 12 - 15 yr olds but they are a thrill to read! And I'm turning 22!)
4. Money - as I am very much lacking in the moolahs department (It's amazing what you can go without, when you just don't have the means to get it! But I'm looking forward to getting some nice things.)
Until next time friendlikins!
Liz xo

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