Friday, September 4, 2009

Changes – Starting New Ministries '09

2009 marks the beginning of a new church family for me, as I have moved from St James Anglican Church Croydon, to Christ Church Gladesville. During 2008 as I had much time to think due to sickness and depression I realised how little I was growing and learning, compared to the previous year when I had been at Youth works Bible College doing Year 13. I noticed the lack of support, and spiritual growth, and felt like I was doing things alone. As the year went by, I gradually towards the end of 2008 shared with friends the struggles I was going through and they listened well, and had wise comments – and talking through things was a good way for me to process things. Despite this I knew it was time for me to make a change, to move from the church I had been going to for 15 years, to be with the lovely people of Christ Church.

After a year of pretty much not doing anything – most of the time because I couldn’t – it was exciting to think that I could be apart of a new church, make new friends, and serve in different ways. The plan for ministry this year was to help out with Noah’s on a Sunday morning and Hubclub on a Friday night.

Before the meeting in January, I was a bit unsure whether I should be doing Hubclub, whether I would be able to handle it – but afterwards I was feeling confident that this was where God wants me to serve, and that he’s going to use this ministry to teach me, grow me, and so that I may trust and rely on God more. I’m really excited about the changes in 2009 that I’m making, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit – for I know that they are for the best and for His glory.

Due to sickness I have had to make the decision to no longer to Hubclub as I was missing half of them due to sickness. It was great to see how the ministry worked during my time there and to enjoy getting to know the kids and having fun with their activities and games – particularly the waterslide in Manly!

I have been able to experience the joys of doing Noah’s – which is Sunday school for preschool age children. I’m feeling much more confident in teaching them God’s word, how to relate to the children and to care for them. I can’t wait to be able to be a kindergarten teacher later on, that I may do this every day. It’s all in God’s hands when that may be and I’m working on trusting the Lord with all things, particularly about the future.

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